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tv   CBS 5 Early Edition  CBS  January 18, 2013 4:30am-5:00am PST

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connected militants say their actions are meant to punish algeria for its help of french forces fighting islamic militants in mali. meanwhile, foreign energy companies in algeria have started evacuating workers and increasing security. it took only 10 minutes of repeated questioning by the san jose police department to force a mother to finally come clean about her child's attempted kidnapping. >> can you explain what happened? >> that's a mother refusing to answer questions. the woman originally claimed a man tried to grab her 3-year- old daughter from her arms in the front yard of her home. she told police that it happened at her home on dayo court and now investigators say it's a big lie. >> there's anger with the amount of resources not only for our detectives trying to solve limit crimes. >> i was angry. she put us through a lot of anxiety. >> police say the mother does
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have a criminal record which made them focus on her during the ordeal. lying to police is a misdemeanor. lance armstrong has now admitted he used performance- enhancing drugs during his cycling career. as juliette goodrich tells us, armstrong is also explaining how he internally justified his doping. >> yes or no, did you ever take banned substances to enhance your cycling performance? >> yes. >> yes or no, was one of those banned substances epo? >> yes. >> did you ever blood dope or use blood transfusions to enhance your cycling performance? >> yes. >> reporter: the 7-time tour de france winner now stripped of his titles and banned for life telling a much different story. the truth. >> i have used this situation as one big lie. >> reporter: after years of
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denials under oath. >> were you a bully? >> uhm.... yeah. yeah. i was a bully. >> reporter: armstrong said he didn't invent the doping and banned substance culture. but he didn't stop it, either. >> my, uhm, cocktail so to speak was -- was only, uhm, epo, but not a lot. transfusions and testosterone. which in a weird way i almost justified because of -- because of my history, obviously, with testicular cancer. >> reporter: was he afraid of getting caught? armstrong said no. >> we had nothing to hide. >> did you feel in any way that you were cheating? >> no. >> reporter: he said he even looked up the definition of cheating. it read gaining an upper hand on a competitor. >> i didn't view it that way. i viewed it as, uhm, as a level
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playing field. >> reporter: juliette goodrich, cbs 5. >> well, the drama also continues for notre dame all america quarter linebacker manti te'o. even stanford has been dragged into his girlfriend's saga. this week te'o and notre dame officials say the player was drawn into a romance online. they say the woman fooled him into believing she died of leukemia. that so-called girlfriend was lied about being a stanford student. >> the student newspapers has its finger on the pulse of the student community. i would have seen all sorts of stuff on facebook. i have all these mutual friends, a lot of my friends are football players. >> well, this girl by the way is very much alive and down in southern california. te'o now claims he was duped by her. many are wondering whether he and notre dame made up the hoax to improve his chances of winning the heisman trophy. we still haven't heard from te'o. he was supposed to come out yesterday and if he has nothing to hide, people are starting to go -- what's going on? >> there are a lot of
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theories. people are still talking about it. i'm sure we'll learn more in the days to come. time now 4:35. let's check the weather. >> we're cruising along. >> a turtleneck on a beautiful day. just to throw you off a little bit. [ laughter ] we'll see lots of sunshine and comfortable temperatures by the afternoon. these numbers running above the average for this time of year. still a little chilly in spots, mostly clear inland and that's where you'll find the cold temperatures, 30 degrees right now in concord. 28 in santa rosa although it is fairly mild in san francisco at 49 degrees. so high pressure remains in place and stays in control. not only today but it looks like right through the weekend. then as we get into next week, beginning to see some changes, maybe we start to talk about the possibility of some rain returning to the bay area. so enjoy it. it should be a mild afternoon. average temperatures usually in the 50s and the low 60s. today it will be well above the average in some spots as much as 6 degrees above average in santa rosa at 63. about 65 in san jose. and 62 degrees in san
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francisco. beautiful all around the bay area, elizabeth. >> i know. we're looking forward to a really nice weekend. our photographer is driving around this morning made a pit stop on 101 near trimble exit and as you can see everything is moving quite nicely not sure and southbound 101. to a bridge check. crossing the bay bridge there is some overnight roadwork still in lanes up the incline but no delay approaching the pay gates. san mateo bridge similar story. 14 minutes in either direction of westbound and eastbound 92 as you cross between the high- rise and hayward. to our maps and other live traffic cameras, a lot of overnight roadwork still in lanes including northbound 880 through 66 out towards the maze. you'll find various lanes blocked. caltrans tells us until about 6:00 this morning. also on eastbound 84 and the dumbarton bridge approaching university, paseo padre parkway roadwork until 6:00 this morning. and mass transit no delays for bart, ace, muni, caltrain and ferries. that's traffic. back to you guys.
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>> thank you. today we'll find out just how bad the flu virus has been in california. a report is expected from state health officials. cbs 5 reporter elissa harrington joins us now with more on the first flu-related death in the bay area. elissa. >> reporter: hi, michelle. that's right. an elderly woman died from the flu. she lives in santa clara county and the flu season -- excuse me, the flu is now widespread throughout california. so the demand for a vaccine is up. 200,000 doses of the vaccine have been shipped to safeway pharmacies all over the united states. the vaccine is the best prevention against the flu and has a 62% level of effectiveness. there have been five deaths from the flu in the state so far. the latest a 98-year-old woman from santa clara county. she marks the first bay area death. a health official said the woman died from the flu and pneumonia. officials with the centers for disease control say this is the worst flu season in a decade. it came early this year in
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california. it usually doesn't peak until february. the cdc urges people who get sick to stay home. >> method of staying hydrated, staying home, not sending sick children to school, washing your hands, probably the best way of preventing the spread of the disease. >> reporter: flu activity has been increasing. the cdc says everybody should get vaccinated. at safeway flu shots are offered during normal business hours on a walk-in basis. elissa harrington, cbs 5. the fda has approved a new vaccine in the fight against the flu. people between the ages of 18 and 49 can now take flublok, unlike conventional vaccines made with eggs or the influenza virus, flublok uses dna technology and an insect virus. the agency says the new technology speeds up the vaccine manufacturing process in case of a pandemic. a bay area millionaire that was murdered in his own mansion
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may be a victim of the money team a notorious east oakland street gang. the "chronicle" reports that ravi kumra was killed not long after a prostitute revealed details about his on length monte sereno home to money team members. two of the three killers are believed to have ties to the gang. today is the last day on the job for san jose's police chief chris moore. he announced last fall that he planned to retire after two years as chief. he has since expressed frustration at city budget cuts that prompted many officers to find jobs in other cities. the city manager deborah if i again to any announced last week that she is extending the search for replacement. didn'tty chief larry esquivel is interim chief but doesn't want the chief job long term. one of chief moore's last big decisions came yesterday when he rejected plans by casino m8trix to have gambling facilities on the eighth floor.
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the gaming administrator determined multilevel gambling could be security problems. the overseas reymar hit the bay bridge tower closest to yerba buena hour on january 7 and now the california board of court commissioners could recommend that captain guy kleess' license be suspended or revoked. the "san francisco examiner" reported that kleess had two other incidents since 2009 two of women were deemed pilot error. the man convicted of killing two people at the richmond/san rafael bridge toll plaza is expected to be sentenced later today. investigators say nathan burris shot and killed his former girlfriend and her friend in 2009. the jury gave burris the death penalty. san francisco's new nudity ban still in place this morning. a federal judge heard a challenge yesterday from activists who claim it violates their personal freedom. the judge says he will consider their arguments and rule before
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the city's ban goes into effect on february 1. 4:41. offering hope. scientists hail a possible cure for aids. >> plus, when going out to eat, the most important thing to know. what you can now find out online about some bay area restaurants. >> a firefighter taking a testimonybl thanks to a piece of -- taking a tumble thanks to a piece of snow. how he was rescued several stories up coming up.
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hitting him as he was trying to some terrifying moments for a firefighter in russia. a chunk of snow will fall right there from the roof hitting him as he was trying to reach people that were trapped by the fire. the snow sent him down the ladder. he hung on and other firefighters helped him. he is okay and so are the people involved in the fire. but -- >> oh, man. >> it's a dangerous job. >> it is. >> absolutely. >> we are seeing more of it now because there were those cameras and there cease to be
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something rolling all the time. >> glad -- there seems to be something rolling all the time. >> glad he is going to be all right. we have changes in the long- range forecast so let's enjoy the sunshine while we have it as high pressure sits overhead. we have seen some great days, chilly early on in the mornings. temperatures in the 20s and 30s again in system of the valleys with some haze and patchy fog. some 40s at the coastline. it will be mild just about everywhere you go this afternoon. highs in the mid-60s in many spots with hazy sunshine and really a gorgeous afternoon outside. this ridge remains the dominant factor right now sending the jet stream well to the north of the bay area keeping us high and dry at least right through the weekend but something to watch out for, we'll see above- normal temperatures. so some folks may want to flock to the beach. we have seen some good storms off the coastline generating big-time swells. those will intensify tomorrow. so this weekend, there's a high surf advisory in effect.
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some of those waves coming in along the coast. this is why they're having the mavericks contest, up to 20 feet. so be very, very careful if you head to the coast. let's talk some temperatures around the state. 62 degrees in sacramento. 61 sunny in fresno. some fog in eureka at 47 degrees. but 71 in redding. around the bay today should be a beautiful friday afternoon. 65 in san jose. 63 in morgan hill. and 64 degrees in sunnyvale. east bay temperatures 50s and 60s toward the afternoon a little hazy there. inside the bay we'll find some sunshine and about 63 degrees in oakland. and 62 in san francisco. next couple of days, sailing into the weekend looking good. these temperatures going to be very comfortable and mild well into the 60s into sunday and monday. and a few clouds begin to gather on tuesday and yes, elizabeth, there are some raindrops in the forecast at least a slight chance of showers by wednesday. >> so spring didn't last very long. >> not long enough. >> oh, well. thank you, lawrence. outside now we'll enjoy the dry weather.
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we haven't seen too many incidents on the roads so far this morning. here's a live look through the dublin interchange. so far, so good westbound. san mateo bridge, bridge traffic all moving pretty much at the limit. you may find some roadwork on some bridges. but not here. everything actually looks really good between hayward and foster city. let's go to our maps and check out the live drive time sensors. you can see that stretch 14 minutes from the altamont pass towards 680. so that will likely change later in the morning drive but for right now you're good to go both directions. elsewhere here's a live look at the nimitz. there is some roadwork in lanes. we saw a little bit of flashing lights from 66 towards the macarthur maze. not affecting your drive time past the coliseum. elsewhere dumbarton bridge ongoing roadwork eastbound 84 as you leave menlo park and a few yellow traffic sensors. mass transit nothing to note. everything so far on time.
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that's traffic. back to you guys. >> thank you. authorities in chicago plan to exhume the body of a lottery winner today in hopes of finding out how he was poisoned. the man won $425,000 in a lottery last summer. he died right before he was about to collect the money. toxicology tests revealed he was poisoned with cyanide. at this point, there are no suspects in the case. the colorado theater where a gunman opened fire on movie- goers last year is open for business again. there was a special event last night for survivors and victims' families followed buy a screening of the latest hobbit movie. 12 people were killed and dozens more wounded in the aurora theater last july during a midnight screening of the latest batman sequel. 4:47 now. u.s. safety officials and inspectors from boeing are now in japan to examine that 787 dreamliner. the plane of course at the center of a worldwide grounding of those 787s. the pilot made an emergency landing wednesday after he smelled something burning. japanese officials found it in
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an initial inspection that a flammable battery fluid had leaked from the plane's lithium battery under the cockpit. american airlines has a new look. the 1st inning with a new logo appeared at the dallas/fort worth airport on thursday. there is a new symbol and american in large letters on the body of the plane. red and blue horizontal lines emblazoned on the tail. american says about one-third of its fleet roughly 200 planes will have the new look by the end of the year. on capitol hill, some top republican leaders are considering a short-term increase of the debt ceiling. >> house budget committee chairman paul ryan says they are weighing the benefits of an extension as a way to get the senate and white house engaged in future conversations. president obama as warned that if congress doesn't raise the debt ceiling the economy could crash and there could be delays for social security checks and veterans benefits. university of california leaders say tuition hikes can be avoided this fall if the
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system gets the funding increase proposed in governor brown's budget plan. the quarter billion-dollar increase is less than that what the uc system had hoped. but it's a turnaround from years of budget cuts. the extra funding is due in part to proposition 30, the tax measure approved by california voters in november. 55,000 local students will have the same class plan for part of today lessons on digital media safety. commonsense media is teaming up with the san francisco unified school district for the program. it will cover such toppers as cyberbullying and who to trust online. starting this week yelp will post san francisco's health department inspection results for restaurants next to the reviews. you wouldn't be able to miss them. it will be a number grade from 0 to 100 indicating how well the restaurant fared on its latest inspection. if a restaurant scores 75 or
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under, that is considered a poor grade. >> anything from the perception view of the restaurant to vermin to how they handle food. >> it's a good idea to pose it, but why do they post it on yelp? >> some chefs and restaurant managers aren't too excited about the idea. they say they don't have an issue with the rating syste they believe yelp reviews can be inaccurate. australian researchers say they are on the right track to find a cure for aids. scientists have discovered how to modify a protein in hiv so it can start fighting against the infection. that protein, however, cannot cure hiv. it has protected human cells from aids in lab tests. next up, animal testing. human trials will take another 5 years. time now 4:50. $10million at stake. the big event that may be coming to lake tahoe. >> plus, hometown hero turns
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49er quarterback. what people in turlock remember about a teenaged colin kaepernick. >> it's what women really want. at least this woman does. the fashion that will send your blood sugar through the roof.
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heading outside this morning? a little chilly again in the valleys, 20s and 30s. mild at the coast, almost 50 in san francisco. what about your friday and weekend forecast? we'll talk about that coming up. >> it is the friday morning drive, isn't it? so far, so good through the altamont pass. drive time 14 minutes out towards the dublin interchange. coming up, a check of the north and the south bays. some exciting news. lake tahoe is in the running to host the winter x games
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sometime between 2015 and 2017. espn which organizes and airs the annual extreme sports competition named tahoe as one of its eligible destinations. finalists will be announced in april and the selection of the host city will happen by the end of the year. >> awesome. >> it's great. >> fun to watch. san francisco giants third baseman pablo sandoval is reportedly in the hospital in venezuela being treated for abdomen pain. he has colitis. he is expected to be okay. he's playing winter ball in the venezuelan league this interwith. colin kaepernick is proving that intelligence and athletic ability go hand in hand. kaepernick was big into math when he was in high school and graduated with a 4.1 gpa. now his former teachers are singing his praises while there are counting up his touchdowns too.
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>> excelled in the classroom, worked very hard, always wanted to be the best. the 9ers open up even with the falcons a 4-point road favorite against them on sun. two veteran players should add up to a pretty good game in the nfc championship, as well. ravens linebacker ray lewis perhaps his last game taking on pats quarterback and bay area native tom brady. catch the game here on cbs 5 at 3:30 on sunday. and one of those teams will be moving on to the super bowl just over two weeks away. cbs 5 is your place for the super bowl on february 3rd. lady gaga made wearing meat fashionable although it didn't catch on. some designers in china are hoping chocolate would be a better sell. check it out. yes, those fashion models are wearing the latest chocolate designs by chocolate fanatics. okay. insert word here. the chocolate fashion show is
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only the opening act of the world chocolate wonderland theme park. the models said they were afraid the outfits would break into pieces and fall off or maybe even melt. >> i think i would just eat it. how could you smell that chocolate and not? >> i just -- we'll just leave it at that. >> okay. too many now 4:56. [ laughter ] manti te'o's fictional girlfriend supposedly went to stanford and who knew she wasn't enrolled but didn't say anything? also ahead. >> i think she said something like i love you. >> after shaming and even suing his accusers, lance armstrong comes clean. where the lies end and where the truth begins when we come back. >> and why would a mother lie to police about her child's kidnapping? she has been busted. we tracked her down and you'll have the story up next.
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this morning, the fate of many of the captives remains
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uncertain. what's being done to keep foreigners in that country safe. "a fear and confusion in the algerian hostage crisis. thethe fate is unclear of the captives. more coming up. >> first the alleged crime shock the community in san jose and now it's the lies that has people questioning what was going through a mother's head. talk about it next. >> plenty of sunshine and mild temperatures around the bay area as of late. will it last for the weekend? we'll talk about that coming up. >> and if you are heading into san francisco this morning, this is what it looks like so far at the bay bridge. nice and light, "friday light." we like that. much more traffic coming up. >> we do like that. all right, elizabeth, thanks. good morning, everyone. it's friday, january 18. i'm michelle griego. >> hi, everyone. i'm frank mallicoat. almost 5:00 now. there's still conflicting reports this morning about how many hostages died during that algerian military raid at a natural gas complex. the "associated press" says at least 6 people are dead, dozens
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more remaining unaccounted for including some americans. the algerian government says the military raid was necessary because the islamic militant captors were threatening to flee with the hostages. today british prime minister david cameron emphasized the hostage crisis deep in the sahara desert is not over yet. >> this is a large complex site and they are still pursuing hostages and terrorists in other areas of the site. >> defense secretary leon panetta says the u.s. is working around the clock to ensure the safety of americans. the al qaeda-connected militants say their actions are meant to push algeria for helping french fight militants in mali. a san jose mother admits to a kidnapping hoax. cbs 5 reporter anne makovec is in san jose where neighbors and police are upset. >> reporter: everybody still wondering why would a mother do this? the community down here in san jose


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